Wow. Reagan has gone from one with promise to one who delivers. Haunting, evocative story-telling, gorgeously presented. This is someone who has something to say and says it well. I look forward to further listening. Congrats.

- Slaid Cleaves / Americana Singer-Songwriter

Reagan Boggs’s style comes from the same wellspring of heartfelt emotion, bittersweet reflection and bleak back porch desire that birthed great singers like Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wells, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris. Her voice is filtered through a mix of hard wrought emotion and soothing sensitivity, the kind that breeds great balladry and stirs the senses simultaneously. Quicksand is Boggs’ third album to date, but given the fact that up until this point she’s more or less lingered in the shadows, it ought to give newcomers the impetus to make up for lost time. While she mostly offers some somber readings – especially on songs such as the tellingly titled “On a Bad Note” and “Can’t Do Life” (which bears the lyric that gives the album its name) — she does vary the template in some interesting ways. Her duet with Eric Brace on the Eddie Vedder song “Better Man” provides an unexpected twist in the tune’s point of view, while the robust read of her own “On My Own” demonstrates a poise and confidence that belies the more sobering settings. And when she declares “Things will change, people seldom do,” she imparts an obvious yet insightful wisdom that’s also well worth remembering.

Lee Zimmerman / No Depression

There are more detours to a musical career than there are freeways in Los Angeles. For a country woman like Reagan Boggs, what started out as a promising career got put on hold for family affairs. She was born in a “holler” in southwest Virginia, which stamps her character all the way through. There is a forlorn tear in all her vocals that speaks to hard-luck living right next to the ability to bounce back from any adversity.

It’s also where the deep-seated love of country music comes from. It’s used as a salve to heal the scars, and for those who take to it, becomes a beacon of light to point the way out of hardship. There is no doubt that Reagan Boggs discovered that lifeboat and knew it was her salvation, a path to dreams she’d forgotten she even had. The dozen original songs here are all about looking up and never turning back. The one cover, Eddie Vedder’s “Better Man,” fits in so seamlessly it’s like Boggs wrote it. This is inspirational music from a singer-songwriter who fought her way out of quicksand. Believe.

- Bill Bentley / The Morton Report

“As I listened to this record, I found myself feeling like a bumble bee that had made it’s way into a car through a crack in the window and had settled on the dashboard for a front row seat, listening to this girl’s stories  as she sang aloud to herself.  This kitten sings to you, not at you.You got me Reagan. Buzz, Buzz!!!”

Richard Young / The Kentucky HeadHunters

Reagan Boggs is what one might call a “throwback artist.” Her music definitely sounds like what you might have heard on country radio in the 1970s and 1980s, bringing to mind such legendary ladies as Emmylou Harris or Jessi Colter. It’s a sound that definitely shows up in her latest album, Quicksand.

Chuck Dauphin /

“Boggs’ Quicksand reverberates as raw as a slap to the face and yet with such care as a hug that follows. It’s alright, it seems to say. Life goes on.”

- Tom Netherland /Bristol News

“This release is Reagan’s strongest work to date – and that’s saying a lot. Her work, as always, is rooted in rock-solid country tradition balanced by an eclectic sensibility. The songs are well-crafted, honest, and meaningful. The production reflects a growing maturity and confidence in her material. Reagan Boggs knows what she wants to say and how she wants it said.” – Wayne Winkler / WETS-FM/HD

“There was a time when the term “commercial country music” didn’t make serious music fans cringe. It was a time when country songs told stories that had some depth and individuality. It was working class, but it wasn’t stupid. Reagan Boggs is exactly what modern country radio is missing.”

- Wayne Bledsoe / Knox News

“Wayne Bledsoe got the jist of this album and artist – who is worthy as hell of a listen if you like thinking/thoughtful country. her cover of Pearl Jam’s “Better Man” is great, but it’s her own voice that impresses most. there’s life experience here and when she sings it, i believe it…”

- John Porter / Mood Indigo

“It’s been 7 years since Reagan Boggs released her wonderful cd “Right Now”, way too long for a Reagan fix,  but the wait is finally over, “Quicksand” has arrived with  a dozen more amazing original tunes and that Big, Big voice, Reagan’s got the whole package.”

- Ed Becker / KDHX

“That can-do, won’t-quit gumption permeates the dignified compositions on  Quicksand, a gritty country album that refuses to shy away from life’s complications.  Boggs spins tales of women and men who are bent, but not broken, seemingly forgotten, but unbowed. An equally compelling singer and truth-teller, she mines the emotionally rich terrain of everyday people seeking refuge from the circumstances that weigh them down. Some of their problems are external, others the result of their own actions. All are treated by Boggs with clear-eyed empathy.”

- Goodnight Hestia /

Reagan Boggs decided to go downtempo on most of her new Album, Quicksand. But make no mistake, this is a rock ‘n roll album. It’s like the album is full of those slow songs you hear in a big arena rock show to give the singer a chance to catch her breath. The songs have an old-school soul vibe in lots of places and its put against twangy guitar work and some slide guitar that gives the album a country/soul crossover feel on lots of tracks. I’m adding “On A Bad Note,” “When It Mattered,” and my favorite, “Saving Grace.”

Calvin Powers / Americana Music Show

“Reagan Boggs has the kind of rich, sweet voice that you can’t get enough of. She comes from a place that is steeped in country music tradition and now she’s carrying it on. Like Patty Loveless or Alison Krauss, she’s a country singer who sounds like one.”

- Larry Groce – Mountain Stage

“Reagan Boggs is a fantastic songwriter, and powerful singer.’The Graves’ (track 9) is brilliant, edgy Americana and ‘Mixed Signals’(track 10) sounds like the Ronstadt repertoire from 1973. This disc maybe your most pleasant discovery of the year!”

- Rob Reinhart – Acoustic Café -

Radio’s best international showcase for new and classic acoustic music “With so much new talent out there it’s tough to stand out from the pack. Reagan Boggs hooked me right away with her amazing, powerful and expressive voice. She also has a gift with catchy melodies. On top of that, she’s a very good songwriter. All in all, Reagan Boggs is a very impressive and talented performer. More people should be aware of her.”

- Larry Weir – KDHX St. Louis

“Right Now is both Rootsy & Rockin’ then gently Rolling all aboard Reagan Boggs’ convincing vocals. Backed by a muscular band that blends sweet mandolin with fuzzy guitars. It all works together, Right Now.”

- Billy Block – Western Beat

“She’s awesome…what a voice…and the songs are poignant and emotional without being over the top.”

- Karen Reynolds – WDVX Knoxville

“From frightening opening track ‘Ready to Run’ to earthy stories that Darrell Scott or Dave Alvin would’ve been proud to have penned, Boggs establishes herself as an important new songwriter. Add to that that she nails classic country-sounding numbers, including ‘Mixed Signals’ and the title cut, with a voice that sounds similar to circa-1970s Linda Ronstadt, and you have one heck of musical package.”

- Wayne Bledsoe – Knoxville News

“Perhaps it’s the personal nature of ‘Ready to Run,’ or the eye for detail she shows in songs like ‘Clifton Branham,’ about the Appalachian outlaw, or ‘West End,’ about a community left behind by progress. Maybe it’s her voice, as soulful as that of a fallen angel who’s taken to drinking cheap whiskey in a backwoods Southern honky-tonk… Right Now, however, has more attitude and grit. It’s songs contain subject matter that isn’t exactly pretty, but it’s an accurate reflection of the lady singing them, and the life she’s led up to now.”

- Steve Wildsmith – The Daily Times

“There’s something about good singer-songwriters’ abilities that make you believe they’ve lived their lyrics. The intimate details of their less-than perfect lives wrapped in engaging melodies that help listeners feel they know the artists are a must. Simply put, if you can’t believe them, then they aren’t doing their job. There is something about the unpretentious voice and style of Reagan Boggs that comes through her tales of complicated relationships and memories both fond and forlorn.” –

-David Brewer – High Country News