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Sunday Wild Child

Sunday Wild Child Audio Cover


Written by: Ethel Cook-Wilson
Narrated by: Reagan Boggs
Length: 6 hrs and 27 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:07-03-17
Publisher: Ethel Cook-Wilson


When I first saw this up for review I thought it would be more of a raw book on abuse and such but really it was a very well thought out book of two people mother and daughter telling their view points on the same issues as they happen. There is some abuse and racism along with a few other things but it is told with class that does shock you but not in an over bearing way. A mother has to deal with an abusive husband that needs to show his manhood by producing children. He started out as a wonderful father and husband turns to drinking and evil ways showing his true feeling not only to his family but the blacks in the town they are in. Going through one town after another with nothing to their name living on what jobs he can find leaving them with little or nothing to eat. One woman tries her best to be the best mother who came from money but was disowned when she married. She learns the hard way how to not only grow as a person but finds her back bone. To a daughter who is determined to not be like her mother she takes the world by storm getting in trouble showing the world no one will get her down. No man will ever treat her like her father treats her mother. As people look down on them, makes fun of them and talk about them this family stands proud.

Ms. Boggs narration is wonderful, her character voices are a delight from the tough hateful men to the lady who gives all, to the ones that try to take what do not belong to them. Her children voices really pull you in as they show their hurt, anger and stand proud. The narrator really puts a lot of emotion into this audio you can hear the desperation, anger, hope, fear, the little joy and happiness they have in her tones as she takes them through the years and all they learn. She really put a lot of thought into each character and how she would portray them. Her voices and tones give so much meaning to how the story builds and to what is happening. As she takes you on the journey the author writes, her voices keeps you spellbound taking you back in time when things were different and people got away with more in how the deal with each other. There are no background noises, no volume changes, no repeating of words. Her voices show true emotions that really pull you in. If any breaks were taken I could not tell. I was a very clean crisp audio that I got lost in. Ms. Boggs did an outstanding performance that I had trouble putting down. I found things to do so I could learn more about these characters and their lives. I loved her accents they really pull you in with the emotion she gives them. Her male voices were just as compelling as her females. As the story builds she takes you back in time giving you a heart wrenching compelling listen that hooks you and keeps your interests. My husband isn’t into audios but even he sit and listen for awhile. He even chuckled a few times at the slang and what was happening.

There were many characters that my heart went out to so many sad times that you wonder how they could go on. The one that hurt the most was a little color boy and all he went through. As the mother and daughter struggle to get along the author pulls you in from one issue to the next giving a compelling read of both sides. It is a story of compassion, heartbreak learning to start over and finding what truly is important as a family breaks apart and tries to pull its self back together. They lose it all and found their way back to the living, giving life new meaning and watch to see if justice will be served. It isn’t all bad or sad there were times I chuckled or laughed at the things they said or how something happened. You get to see a little of the turning point for them and those around them as a mother fights to keep her family together and a daughter fights to find her place in a world she do not understand. It was a pleasure listening to this audio watching Bonnie Blithe and Dixie Jo grow, change and learn not only how to deal with their own issues but each other. I loved the spunk of Dixie Jo as she learned to deal not only with an abusive father but the hurt words of others and finding her place in the world she finds herself in. Bonnie Blithe stole my heart when she rubbed her tummy and said let this be a boy as well as her strong nature to hold her family together and deal with a husband most women in today’s world would have wanted to shoot and some would have. The ending just about bought a tear to my eyes as they saw a man walking to them. You will never believe who it is and the touching scene that unfolds. I truly enjoyed this from start to finish. It will be an audio I will listen to again it is a heartwarming story with so much sadness and pain but truly a blessing in the outcome.