Audiobook Narration

I am a well-known Americana Music Artist and have 20 years’ experience in performance and radio. I am a public speaker, Certified Professional Coach, and a classically trained vocalist. As a singer/songwriter, it’s imperative to be able to convey emotion. I use all those skills to work in the realm of audiobooks.

My natural dialect is Appalachian to broader Southern, and that is my primary niche. My voice portrays strength, intelligence, and gentleness. The inflections I give my characters are subtle and true to how they are written. My thoughts about narration are much like I feel about make-up. If people notice you have it on – I see your eyebrows long before I see your face, you aren’t doing it right. It’s made to enhance what is already naturally there. Listeners need to forget I’m even reading and get absorbed in the story or content. Unless phonetically written otherwise, the accent is natural and not overdone. One author I worked with made the comment, “My husband was here as I was listening to it and says he would happily listen to your voice all day!”

I have been a fan of audiobooks my entire life and have been an avid listener and learner. I have several titles under my belt and enjoy developing long-lasting relationships with the authors and producers with whom I work.

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